Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dengue Awareness: Brooke's Point residents acted as one!

Dengue Awareness - Civil Service Celebration Clean-up Drive
September 8, 2010

Mayor Boyet Leoncio lead clean-up drive

The rising cases of  Dengue in the Philippines, around 65,000 cases, alerted the whole nation! Several measures were done to fight this deadly virus which the main courier is mosquitoes. And the basic way is to clean each other's backyard, particularly on stagnant water which can be a breeding place for mosquitoes.
Mayor Boyet setting a good example

Here in Brooke's Point, under the leadership of Mayor Boyet Leoncio, a Doctor in profession (personally joined the residents in cleaning) acted immediately by initiating a move (clean-up drive) participated by municipal employees, national agencies, non-govt. organization (NGO's), banking institutions, teachers, students, etc.
Amy in pink, me in black and my Canon EOS 1000D

The clean-up drive scheduled at 7:30am but some  residents started as early as 7:00 in the morning to show their cooperation and support to prevent any Dengue outbreak in our town.

The places cleaned were shorelines, river banks, streets in poblacion (District 1 & 2), public places such as cemetery, public market, plaza and schools
4:00pm Siren of Ambulance reminds people to clean their surroundings

Prior to this move, Mayor Boyet Leoncio, to increase the awareness, an ambulance is roving around the town (Poblacion) every 4:00 in the afternoon with its siren on, just to remind local folks to start cleaning their respective backyards in order to drive away mosquitoes and prevent them from multiplying by making sure that there is no place for them to breed upon.
4:00 pm siren of ambulance remind people to clean their surroundings

As long as the people here continue cleaning their surroundings a habit (4:00 pm habit), Dengue will have no place here in Brooke's Point!

More photos:
BPCHS Students
Brooke's Point Rural Bank Employees

Palawan National High School Students
SHJHS Students
Shoreline infront of Baraquias house

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