Monday, September 20, 2010

Community Electronic Center (CeC) and Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center Launched

The Facade

On morning of  September 20, 2010, a new milestone in LGU thrust to development took placed with the launching of Community Electronic Center . Maybe this is not the first internet shop here in Brooke's Point but it is the first of its kind in Local Govt. Unit (LGU) program. Aside from the usual use of internet, this Community Electronic Center (CeC) will also serve as FARMERS INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (FITS) CENTER.
Mr. Edora of  DA explains as Mr. Piramide (MPDO) and Ms. Fransel Lacandazo (Admin) listens.

Mayor Boyet Leoncio giving inspirational message
This program will offer the following services; * Public e-Library  * Databank/Information Center (Research information resource generation) * Basic Internet Services (Internet browsing and downloading service - E-mail or chat / voice over Internet Protocol with webcam)
Mayor Boyet leoncio, Mayor Zeny Gomez of Espanola, Ton Abengoza (Author) & Joey Piramide (MPDO)
The first set of computers
With Mayor Boyet  Leoncio special guest: Dr. Lazo of Puerto Princesa City
L-R: Mr. Bea, Mr. Nipas, Mr. Nacionales and Ms.Rebecca Gadayan (Emcee)

   *Employment Services (Application & placement for employment)  * Special OFW workers services (Voice over Internet (VoIP), email with webcam, Job search and placements  *E-Procurement Services (Posting on Bids & Awards)  *Capability Building (hands-on computer literacy and skills development  
Mayor Boyet Leoncio

Municipal employees
*Business Services (Encoding, Printing, Scanning, CD Burning and other ICT services)  *Agricultural Services/Community-based services (Agricultural products / video presentationf for new technologies for farming..
Snack time..
Other Photos:
Ms. Cecilia Setias - Municipal Librarian
Mayor Boyet Leoncio browsing

Municipal employees
Mr. Peralta, Mr. Jun Dela Cruz and Bgy. Capt. Balberan
RJ Balberan


  1. Hats off to the author of this project! As long as somebody is posted on this Center to help the farmers who are not yet attuned to using computers/internet, this can yield real time help/support.


  2. Thanks.
    One of the purpose for this is the farmers to know and see the scientific way of farming, not always to rely in commercial fertilizers instead practice the use of organic fertilizers, thus, protecting our environment at the same time.