Thursday, August 12, 2010

Construction boom in Brooke's Point!

The Brooke's Point Municipal Hall
     They say that there is indeed a recent economic difficulties, but the way things are going in Brooke's Point, its otherwise! At present, there are simultaneous constructions are going on, (commercial & residential) most of them started just this year - 2010! A very good indication for a brighter future for the residents and business alike.If you've been away in this town for quite sometime, well it's about time to go home and pay a visit (even a short time) and be amazed by the economic growth, hopefully, with the new administration under Mayor Narciso "Boyet" Leoncio, whose main concern is Good Governance, Health, Business, Trade & Tourism promotion, Brooke's Point is bound for economic recovery!
     At present, the municipality have a total population of 58,537 (2009) and projected 59,683 at end of 2010. Increase in population, emergence of business and other commercial establishments and the changing lifestyle of the residents in the municipality create a higher demand of electricity.
                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Rogelio Buenviaje Bldg.
                                                     Tomas Espanola St. Moreno Subd.
                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Gregorio Ilagan Bldg.
                                                        J. Narrazid St. (Near Centro)
This 3-storey building of the Ilagans will have a swimming pool on rooftop and if completed will be the first in this town! An innovation in local architecture which was designed & drawn by my brod-in-law, Hector Soriano with concept of course from the owner.
Balmonte  Commercial Bldg.
This 2-Storey commercial building is owned by Mr. Bobby Balmonte of Bgy. Ipilan and is located at Narrazid St. (near Centro) just infront of Ilagan's building (under construction too).
Mr. & Mrs. Bert Socrates Apartments

Anticipating increase in population in due time, Bert & Tessie Socrates invested in this business, one of the basic needs of an individual/family - shelter. (above picture)

In the picture below, even the Local Govt. Unit (LGU) also engaged in construction boom by constructing in munipal hall complex an additional two (2) Floors just above the existing Land Bank (LBP) Brooke's Point branch, originally, it is designed and intended for commercial spaces for rent, just like the Land Bank, but the option of using it for other purposes like housing  LGU offices is also being considered.

Land Bank of the Philippines-Brooke's Point branch

Not only commercial buildings are on-going construction but also residential buildings as well. There are two of them in Moreno Subdivision to name a few.
Jun & Nardeth Ilagan residence
Pastor Amor & Dr. Elvie Soriano residence
For information of future investors, residents & retirees, the current market price of land here in Poblacion approximately P1,000/sqm.
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