Monday, August 16, 2010

Old Lighthouse tower

Old Lighthouse Tower - Landmark of Brooke's Point
The Old Lighthouse tower

Situated near the seashore of Old Camp here in Poblacion, Brooke's Point. Its existence was in the brink of demolition when the new one was built few years ago. The contractor suggested for it but the past administration refused to agree with the idea, thus, the reason still standing proudly as ever!

Your visit in Brooke's Point will not be complete if you haven't gone to this place. Being a part of history of this town, its ironic to see that this place was a neglected one, speaking of attention, maintainance and care of it. Partly, i'm happy to know that there is a fund for this one being kept by in the bank, when one group: Ladies Circle of Brooke's Point made several fund raising project for the purpose of Rehabilitation and beautification of Old Lighthouse Tower. But since the amount they raised is not enough for this endeavor, thus the reason for the project not to materialized.
Caretaker's house at the background

Old and New Lighthouse standing tall side by side
Much-needed rehabilitation & Landscaping
Rip-rap must be done before its too late

The used fishnet serves as perimeter fence

One good news is; the new Administration under the leadership of Mayor Narciso 'Boyet' Leoncio is in full support of heritage conservation and tourism promotion in this town, in one occassion i did mentioned this matter (Old Lighthouse) to him and to my delight, he said; "i will look into that and support that project".

The first few things to be done are as follows; make rip-rap that will sustain strong waves in time of bad weather to maintain remaining land area around the old/new Lighthouse and perimeter fence to secure and  protect the place and landscape that will be done after the first phase of the rehabilitation process.

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