Friday, August 6, 2010

Land Area and Barangays

     The municipality covers a total land area of 85,064.90 hectares or 850.65 sq. kms. It represents the 5.71% of the total land area of Palawan.

     Brooke's Point is divided into 18 barabgays, 2 are urban - Poblacion I and Poblacion II, and 16 are still considered as rural - Amas, Aribungos, Barong-barong, Calasaguen, Imulnod, Ipilan, Maasin, Mainit, Mambalot, Malis, Oring-oring, Pangobilian, Salogon, Samarinan, Saraza and Tubtub.

     AMAS. Established in 1935, the place was named from Pesang Amas, a small, but delicious kind of banana. It was said that one day a muslim arrived in the area. He became a friend to Panglima that ruled a place then. In appreciation of the kindness, the muslim gave a Pesang Amas seedling to the Panglima. When it grew and bore fruit,, the inhabitants were delighted with its taste that Amas had been a byword.

                   Others believed that the place was called "Amas" from the Spanish word Amor, which means love or concern for the family and neighbor. To this day, Bayanihan, a communal spirit that holds them together in good and bad times, is very much practice in this place.

     ARIBUNGOS, Where you can find the Sabsaban Falls and the Mt. Calvary. The place was considered sacred by the natives in the old days.
                   It was said that, there lived a sibling - Uka Bakongo, the eldest, and Ari Bungos, the youngest. They were on hunting when a wild boar attacked them. As the eldest was calling in search of his brother "Ari Bungos, Ari Bungos", the surroundings echoed his call which was heard by a passerby. and as story goes, the place came to called Aribungos.

     BARONG-BARONG. Stories tell that many years ago, the place was a vast grassland of amorsico, which the early inhabitants called badong-badong.

     CALASAGUEN  Is the northern-most barangay of the municipality. It is the first barangay after the municipality of Sofronio Espanola. Occupying 14.25percent of the total land area, this is the largest barangay of Brooke's Point.

     IMULNOD Is known for its celebration of  the Lutlot Festival, in thanksgiving for abundant harvest. A native delicacy, lutlot is fancy rice boiled with coconut milk in buho.

      IPILAN. A thriving part of Barong-barong and Mambalot then, Ipilan was established by virtue of Congressional Act in 1961. The first settlers in the area were Palaw'anos, Muslims and Cuyunons.

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  1. It is becoming more and more evident the Malay heritage in us. PESANG AMAS... is almost synonymous (or indeed it is) with PISANG EMAS of Bahasa Malaysia which mean GOLDEN BANANA. The info above speaks the same.