Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mainit Spillway Overflows...

August 5, 2010

     As typhoon "Domeng" leaves the country, his presence was also felt here in Brooke's Point.

Last night, August 4th, non-stop rain pours the whole night resulting to increase of water levels in the rivers here.
As i'm doing my usual routine this morning, Amy, my wife, sent text message that Bgy. Mainit's Spillway bridge overflows, they are on their way to attend Senior Citizen's program in Barangay proper when they are momentarily stopped to assess the water level on the bridge. So far, a portion of the bridge is only half-knee deep, so they were able to pass anyway.

The author - Ton abengoza

Intermittent showers still occurs until late this afternoon. Luckily, no strong winds present.

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  1. The Mainit Spillway bridge wasn't built correctly. This bridge was never fixed, "never"... Whoever built this bridge didn't use their brains.