Thursday, August 19, 2010

Entrance to Town proper

Welcome Greetings as you enter the town proper
From Puerto Princesa, approximately 192 kms away, about 4 hours by Air conditioned shuttle vans (Centro, Lexus & Daver) before reaching the Municipality of Brooke's Point.
Concrete highway going to Municipality of Bataraza
As you enter Brooke's Point, you will traverse six (6) barangays more before reaching town proper wherein you will notice a highway junction, one going to Bgy. Mainit and the other one going to Municipality of Bataraza.
Highway going to Mainit
As you enter the town proper, a "welcome billboard" will greet everyone informing they are already in beautiful town of Brooke's Point, once hailed as 2002 Cleanest and Greenest Municipality in the Philippines!


  1. Wow! Great job Ton!!!! missing my lupang sinilangan!

  2. Would love to visit Brooke's Point someday......
    Seeing your photos and reading your blog makes me want to see more of your town...

    Keep up the updating...